intelligent edge yoga

intelligent edge yoga

Yoga and ayurveda conversations for smart, compassionate practice with Kathryn Anne Flynn. Featuring wisdom + resources for curious yoga teachers and students to cultivate kind minds and smart hearts.

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    Sequencing Q&A: Where to Sequence Core Strength and Pranayama within Asana Classes, and Integrating New Methods

    A Q&A on sequencing recorded from the Toronto Yoga Conference! I share quite a bit about my thoughts on abdominal strengthening (core) exercises in yoga classes, as well as when and how to teach pranayama in asana classes. The episode concludes with advice on how to integrate the things you learn in your yoga education into your teaching - especially when you feel like it's different from what you've been doing.

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    Western Insight Meditation with Dawn Mauricio

    Western Insight Meditation and yoga teacher Dawn Mauricio brings her light, introspective approach to sincere meditation. We chat about personal practice and teaching, cultural appropriation in spiritual communities and spiritual bypassing.

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    Fascia, Anatomy and Movement: Joanne Sarah Avison on Her Book and Everything in Between

    The brilliant and indefatigable Joanne Sarah Avison, Certified Yoga Therapist, Structural Integration practitioner, and author of Yoga: Fascia, Anatomy and Movement joins me for a conversation. Joanne weaves together anatomy, history, architecture, motherhood, teaching, reconceptualizing how we talk about movement needs, sacred geometry - the list goes on! You have to listen to believe it.

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    Welcome to Yoga: A Primer for New Students

    A yoga primer for new students. This episode is for you to share with people you think would benefit from a yoga practice, but maybe need to hear it from someone else. It might also be of interest for yoga teachers to hear how you can speak to the benefits of yoga to people who aren't on the yoga train yet.

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