intelligent edge yoga

intelligent edge yoga

Yoga and ayurveda conversations for smart, compassionate practice with Kathryn Anne Flynn. Featuring wisdom + resources for curious yoga teachers and students to cultivate kind minds and smart hearts.

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    Healing Plants with Amber Westfall of The Wild Garden

    Interested in plant medicine? This conversation with Amber Westfall of The Wild Garden offers practical advice for integrating plant medicine into your life, and reveals the potency of what we can find in our local environment.

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    Open Source Yoga: Brea Johnson from Heart and Bones Yoga

    Heart and Bones is the result of Brea Johnson's heart work and a long relationship with yoga and inquiry, particularly into anatomy and movement as it applies to teaching asana. She joins me to wander through a bit of her history as a faciliator and studio owner, her yoga existential crisis and resulting content, and what it's like to move online.

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