intelligent edge yoga

intelligent edge yoga

Yoga and ayurveda conversations for smart, compassionate practice with Kathryn Anne Flynn. Featuring wisdom + resources for curious yoga teachers and students to cultivate kind minds and smart hearts.

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    Ayurveda, Yoga's Life Science + An Unorthodox Dosha Quiz

    Yoga has a lifestyle science, Ayurveda - the "wisdom of life" - that helps us individualize our yoga and wellness plans. I talk a little bit about the history of Ayurveda, a couple of its central concepts, and offer an unorthodox dosha ("constitution") quiz if you've ever wondered about your yoga psychology profile.

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    Accessible Yoga: Teaching More Inclusive Classes, a Conversation with dallas delahunt

    A conversation with dallas delahunt, former owner of studio330 and general yoga powerhouse, about accessible yoga. Helpful for yoga teachers and students to think about what experience they're looking for in a yoga posture practice. We dive into what makes a class more accessible and how we can individually hone our methods to suit the needs of the community we are teaching in.

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    The Medicine of Subtraction: Thinking About Living Without Certain Ideas, People and Behaviors as well as Sensory Withdrawal (Pratyahara)

    The benefits of less, and not in a minimalist design or ascetic way, but a consideration of what we need to take away to be centred in ourselves. A yogic, Ayurvedic, and spiritual relationship lens on a topic pertinent to those of us who are so blessed to have too much, or are struggling under the burden of things we love and from which should part ways.

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    Welcome Teaser

    Welcome to Intelligent Edge Yoga, the podcast: Yoga and Ayurveda conversations for smart, compassionate practice. I'm Kathryn Anne Flynn, speaking to you from Ottawa, Canada, my home base for full time teaching and living yoga.

    This podcast is to offer a platform for the variety of topics relevant to yoga, a deeper dive than I can provide in class. I’m going to explore themes and practices of yoga and Ayurveda. Along the way, I’ll be chatting with yogis and Ayurvedic practitioners to hear what they’re doing in their corner of the universe.

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